Sunday, April 18, 2010

Last Week from Indian Country Today

Tobacco giant Philip Morris targets Indian tobacco industry
VERONA, N.Y. – Tobacco giant Philip Morris is funding an aggressive ad campaign against the Indian tobacco industry, urging the state to collect taxes on cigarettes sold on Indian reservations. Read more »


Expert offers principles to fix inequities in federal Indian law
Joint training with military assists Cocopah Tribal Police
Minnie Two Shoes, NAJA leader, walks on
Tribal insurance issues are sent back to a lower court, again
Gathering of Nations goes outdoors
Judge invited to respond in American Indian voting rights case
North Dakota decisions end Fighting Sioux nickname
Justice launches comprehensive Web site for tribal communities
EPA announces new Office of International and Tribal Affairs Action
‘Walk for a Nuclear Free Future’
Scientists ponder NAGPRA lawsuit
Cape Wind rejection recommended
Cherokee Chief Wilma Pearl Mankiller: A glorious season draws to an untimely close
Wilma Mankiller, beloved leader and friend, passes on
Navajo activist declares power plant project ‘dead’
Greater Native control sought in eagle issues
Tohono O’odham receives $7.2M for broadband upgrade
Akaka Bill passage questioned as opposition mounts
Splintered Mont. tribe struggles against history
33 cultural objects repatriated
Wilma Mankiller, women’s rights heroine, walks on
April is Disaster Preparedness Month
Cherokee Nation honors three veterans during March council
Coeur d’Alene police can arrest non-tribal members


Great Lakes


Climate change and the rights of Mother Earth

Dear indigenous sisters and brothers of the North:It’s with the utmost pride and sincerity that the Plurinational State of Bolivia calls on the peoples of the world, defenders of Mother Earth, social movements, scientists, academics, lawyers and governments committed to their citizens to actively participate in the Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth from the 20th to 22nd of April in the city of Cochabamba. Read more »

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