Monday, April 26, 2010

26 Apr 2010: Today's Democracy Now!

“The United Nations Is Beyond Reform…It Has to Be Reinvented”–Fmr. UN General Assembly President Miguel d’Escoto
One of the higher-profile participants at the Cochabamba climate conference was the former president of the United Nations General Assembly, Father Miguel d’Escoto. A Roman Catholic priest from Nicaragua, d’Escoto served as foreign minister in Daniel Ortega’s government from 1979 to 1990. He joins us to talk about the failures of the UN, the importance of the Bolivia climate summit, why Latin America doesn’t need the United States, and much more. [includes rush transcript–partial]

Radio Gente: Cochabamba Radio Station Airs Democracy Now! in Spanish
We pay a visit to Radio Gente 94.7 FM, the Cochabamba radio station that airs Democracy Now! in Spanish. Democracy Now! broadcasts on more than 250 stations across Latin America. [includes rush transcript]


Rescue Effort Ends, Oil Leaking into Gulf
Arizona Governor Signs Immigrant Crackdown Bill
Graham Drops Support for Climate Bill
Thousands Hold Earth Day Rally in DC
Obama Honors Victims of W. Va. Mine Blast
72 Killed in Iraq Bombings
3 Afghan Civilians Reportedly Killed in US Raid
Clashes Follow Israeli Settler March in Palestinian Neighborhood
Israeli Troops Shoot Protesters in Gaza
90,000 Japanese Protest US Base on Okinawa
Rallies Held Worldwide for Spanish Human Rights Judge
Dems to Hold Cloture Vote on Financial Reform Bill
Goldman Sachs Execs Bragged of Profiting from Housing Crash
12 Killed in Southern Tornadoes
Jailed US Hikers in Poor Health in Iran

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