Friday, April 16, 2010

16 Apr 2010: Today's Democracy Now!

Jailed Whistleblower: US Lawmakers Held Offshore UBS Accounts
Democracy Now! co-host Juan Gonzalez discusses his interview with UBS whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld one day after Birkenfield’s Tax Day clemency request to President Obama. Birkenfeld is serving a forty-month sentence despite playing a key role in exposing the biggest tax evasion scheme in US history. [includes rush transcript]

Obama’s New Space Exploration Plan Includes Major Role for Private Firms
President Obama outlined his new space exploration policy on Thursday with a pledge to add $6 billion to NASA’s annual budget over the next five years and seek a landing on Mars by the mid-2030s. His program would also bolster support for private space companies that would handle design and construction of the spacecraft and boosters. We speak to Victoria Samson of the Secure World Foundation. [includes rush transcript]

Legal Defender Isabel Garcia: Arizona Bill Forcing Officers to Determine Immigration Status Marks “All-Out Assault” on Latino Communities
Arizona lawmakers have approved what’s being described as the harshest anti-immigrant measure in the country, forcing police officers to determine the immigration status of someone they suspect of being an undocumented immigrant. Meanwhile, over fifty people were arrested Thursday in a federal immigration sweep targeting van operators allegedly involved in smuggling in undocumented migrants from Mexico. We speak to Isabel Garcia, co-chair of the Tuscon-based Coalition for Human Rights and legal defender of Pima County, Arizona. [includes rush transcript]

Author Nikolas Kozloff on “No Rain in the Amazon: How South America’s Climate Change Affects the Entire Planet”
Environmentalists and indigenous communities along the Amazon celebrated an important victory Thursday after a Brazilian judge suspended bidding on the construction of what is slated to be the third largest dam in the world. We speak to Nikolas Kozloff, author of the new book No Rain in the Amazon: How South America’s Climate Change Affects the Entire Planet. Kozloff argues that protecting the rainforests of the Amazon from environmental damage is not just crucial for the populations that live in and around it, but is a global necessity.


Afghan Prisoners Detail Torture, Abuse at Bagram Prison
Obama Signs Jobless Benefits Bill After Dems Overcome GOP Filibuster
US Extends Healthcare Rights to Partners of Gay Patients
Ex-NSA Official Indicted for Leaking Spy Program Details
Obama Orders Mine Inspections, Faults Owners of W. Va. Mine
Obama Outlines US Space Program
Report: Insurers Shifting Costs to Avoid Healthcare Laws
CIA Officials Expressed Concern over Interrogation Tapes
China Earthquake Toll Nears 800
UN Probe: Pakistani Gov’t Could Have Prevented Bhutto Killing
Volcanic Eruption in Iceland Disrupts Global Travel
Gates Backs US-Colombia Trade Pact

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