Monday, April 5, 2010

05 Apr 2010: Today's Democracy Now!

“Violence Is the Product of the Polarized Nature of Our Society”–South African Scholar Adam Habib on Killing of White Supremacist Leader
South African President Jacob Zuma is calling for calm following the murder of a white supremacist leader named Eugène Terre’Blanche. Terre’Blanche was a longtime supporter of the apartheid government and an advocate for the creation of an all-white republic within South Africa. We speak with South African scholar Adam Habib, who was barred from entering the United States for over three years by the Bush administration. [includes rush transcript]

Triple Suicide Bombing Targets Foreign Embassies in Iraq
At least forty-one people were killed and 237 wounded Sunday in three coordinated suicide car bombings targeting the Iranian and German embassies and the Egyptian consulate in Iraq. The attacks have occurred at a time of political uncertainty in Iraq following the March 7th parliamentary elections. We speak with Iraqi political analyst Raed Jarrar. [includes rush transcript]

Non-Citizen US War Vets Facing Deportation Despite Military Promises of Citizenship
We take a look at the threat of deportation that non-citizen veterans of American wars continue to face despite US military promises of citizenship. We talk to Rohan Coombs, a Jamaican-born US vet who was in the US Marine Corps for six years and served in the Persian Gulf War. He spent eight months in prison for a marijuana-related conviction. The day he was to be released he was told he would be deported. He speaks to us from an immigration jail. We also speak with immigration attorney Craig Shagin.


Three Die in Attack on US Consulate in Pakistan
Suicide Bombers Target Foreign Embassies in Iraq
US Forces Admit Killing Two Pregnant Afghan Women & Teenager
200,000 Unemployed Workers Lose Jobless Benefits
Justice Stevens to Decide Soon on Retirement
DHS Report Criticizes 287(g) Immigration Program
South African White Supremacist Murdered
Pro-ElBaradei Book Publisher Arrested in Egypt
Indian Point Nuclear Plant Denied Key Permit
Obama Adopts Bush-Era Mining Rule
Anti-Whaling Activists Block Japanese Ship
State Governors Receive Threatening Letters
115 Chinese Coal Miners Rescued After a Week

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