Saturday, March 27, 2010

This Week from Indian Country Today

Health care reform signed into law
WASHINGTON – Historic national health care legislation, which includes reauthorization of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act and other Indian country provisions, has passed Congress and received the president’s signature. Read more »


Executive director’s representation at awards event nixed
Chairman James Ramos continues San Manuel leadership
Malerba named lifetime chief of Mohegan Tribe
New face at the Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs
Health care reform becomes law
US human rights record challenged
Uranium licenses are upheld by a split federal appeals court
Census Road Tour to visit ND tribes
California first to create position for Native American vets
Tribe receives $12.3 million in stimulus broadband funds
Cobell denounces ‘rumor’ of what she could receive
Priorities differ on old boarding school site
College, university presidents pledge to make ‘Pathways’ a priority
Tribes need to prepare for inflationary future
Proposed cigarette tax regulations will ‘mire’ NY in litigation
Judge urges tribal courts to adopt codes of judicial conduct
Osage reservation was ended, court rules
Spurr leaves diverse legacy, builds a brighter future for tribe
Police conduct interviews in pictograph vandalism
Event honoring film industry icon Robert Redford
Congress hears Cobell critiques; collusion charged
Native farmers eagerly watch Obama African-American deal
ICWA: Individual and tribal survival at stake
Pow wow marketing 101
3 Va. tribes gain state recognition


Great Lakes


Revisiting Deloria’s words on tribes and corporations

Vine Deloria Jr., once wrote, “The corporation forms the closest attempt of the white man to socialize his individualism and become a tribal man” (“Custer Died for Your Sins,” 1969). He penned these words at an optimistic moment in American history, when, as he further wrote, “modern society and Indian tribes will finally reach a cultural truce” through the development of corporate structures. His remarks echoed sociologist Émil Durkheim, who suggested corporations provided the answer to overcoming modern man’s moral and spiritual malaise, integrating him into society through new communal bonds. Read more »

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