Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cuban 5: Postcard Campaign Generates Worldwide Interest

International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5
Postcard Campaign Generates Worldwide Interest

Last year the US Supreme Court ignored an unprecedented number of amicus briefs from all over the world in support of the Cuban Five. In keeping, the Obama administration also continues to ignore messages coming in from all over the world in different shapes and forms asking for the release of the Five and the right of family visits. But the lack of their responses will not deter the strong international solidarity movement that is growing in their support. We know that the US government is fully aware of the case and the pressure that our movement puts on it has to be relentless.

In January our committee launched a postcard campaign directed to President Obama with the list of 10 Nobel Prize who support the freedom of the Five urging him to act by saying "we are waiting for your signature."

Right away support poured in from all over the world and the United States. The idea of the postcards captured the imagination of many who knew about the case and we sent them to Argentina, Austria, Botswana, Canada, Cuba, Italy, Lebanon, México, Peru, Panama, Puerto Rico, Quebec, Ukraine, Russia, South Africa and Spain. Committees and individuals in solidarity with the Cuban Five took the campaign even further by requesting PDF's to print the postcard in their own country and language. These countries included Germany, Spain, Belgium, Belize, Bolivia, Cuba, El Salvador, France, México, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Inside the United States we received orders from many states including Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Oregon, New México, Minnesota, New York, Texas, Washington DC and Wisconsin. In California the requests for postcards came from Banning, Berkeley, Chula Vista, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Oakland, Paso Robles, Redwood City, San Diego, San Francisco, San José, Santa Barbara and Santa Rosa.

We are planning a number of public activities in the upcoming months and we will need thousands more postcards to distribute. And while the orders continue to come in we have completely run out of the original print run.

Thanks to the solidarity of friends and committees we have covered the cost of the first run. We were able to send postcards free of charge to committees in Latin America that lack economic resources. But in response to the demand from the United States and abroad, we need to place a new order of 20,000 postcards, and to do that, we need your support. Any amount will help and be appreciated.

We urge you to keep the orders coming in and we thank you in advance for your help. We know that the Obama Administration will not be able to ignore the thousands of postcards arriving at the postal room of the oval office, every day, from all over the world.

We need to continue to raise the just demand for the freedom of our brothers. It will soon be 12 years that Rene, Gerardo, Fernando, Antonio and Ramon have been held in US prisons for opposing terrorism.

Despite the silence from the Obama administration, we know that people working together from all over the world are making an impact and the government is gauging our strength. At the re-sentencing hearing for Antonio in Miami last October the US prosecutor recognized the international support for the Cuban Five when she agreed with the reduction of his sentence because "We need to calm the water of contentiousness that swirls around this case."

We need to keep making waves of solidarity that go over the current campaign of slander being orquestrated by Europe and the United States against Cuba. This is nothing more than an attempt to confuse and undermine our solidarity and to silence the case of the Cuban Five.

Everything that our movement does is crucial in the face of so many lies and the shameful silence about the Five; let us redouble our solidarity.

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