Thursday, March 18, 2010

18 Mar 2010: Today's Democracy Now!

Dennis Kucinich and Ralph Nader: A Discussion on Healthcare, Politics and Reform
Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio announced on Wednesday he would switch his vote on the Democrat-led healthcare reform bill and support the legislation even though it does not create a public option. Kucinich’s decision came two days after he spoke with President Obama aboard Air Force One on their way to a rally in his district. In a Democracy Now! exclusive, we spend the hour with Kucinich and former presidential candidate Ralph Nader for an in-depth discussion on healthcare, the Obama administration, the Iraq war and more. [includes rush transcript]


Healthcare Bill Gets Boost as 2 Dems Pledge Support
Senate OKs $18B Jobs Bill
Obama Downplays Israeli Settlement Dispute
Lula Backs Palestinian Struggle in West Bank Visit
Thai Guestworker Killed in Gaza Rocket Attack
5 Jailed US Citizens Charged in Pakistan
Penn. Regulators Probe Suspected Drilling Contamination
Senate Backs Reduction of Drug Sentencing Disparity
Report: Insurance Company Had Policy Targeting HIV-Positive Policyholders
US Reviewing Restrictions on Gay Blood Donors
Detroit to Close 44 Schools
Witnesses: Madoff Assaulted by Fellow Prisoner
Muslim Scholar to Make First US Appearance Since Lifting of Ban

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