Tuesday, March 9, 2010

09 Mar 2010: Today's Democracy Now!

The Real Climategate: Conservation Groups Align with World’s Worst Polluters
Major environmental groups are coming under criticism from within their own ranks for taking positions that some say are antithetical to their stated missions of saving the planet. In the latest issue of The Nation magazine, the British journalist Johann Hari writes, “As we confront the biggest ecological crisis in human history, many of the green organizations meant to be leading the fight are busy shoveling up hard cash from the world’s worst polluters—and burying science-based environmentalism in return…In the middle of a swirl of bogus climate scandals trumped up by deniers, here is the real Climategate.” [includes rush transcript]

105,000 Tattoos: Iraqi Artist Wafaa Bilal Turns His Own Body into a Canvas to Commemorate Dead Iraqis & Americans
The official death toll from the war is 100,000, but it is widely estimated to be much higher, perhaps even as high as one million. In his latest piece of artwork, Iraqi American artist Wafaa Bilal tries to grapple with the enormity of these numbers. It’s a twenty-four-hour live tattooing performance called “..and Counting” that began at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts gallery in New York Monday night. By tonight Bilal’s back will be tattooed with the names of Iraqi cities, 5,000 red dots representing dead American soldiers and 100,000 dots in invisible ink representing the official death toll for Iraqis. The dots representing the Iraqi death toll will only be visible under ultraviolet light. [includes rush transcript]


Obama Campaigns for Healthcare Reform
Former Rep. Massa Claims He Was Forced Out over Healthcare Bill
Gates: “More Dark Days” Ahead in Afghanistan
Claim: Pentagon Peddled Misinformation about Attack on Marjah
Greek PM Calls for Crackdown on Financial Speculators
Biden: US Ties to Israel Are “Unshakable”
Burmese Refugees in Bangladesh Face Starvation
UN Official Warns Against Full Body Airport Scanners
Midwestern Towns Sue Manufacturer of Atrazine Weedkiller
Interior Dept. Puts Off Listing Sage Grouse as Endangered Species
Conservationist Edgar Wayburn, 103, Dies

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