Tuesday, January 26, 2010

26 Jan 2010: Today's Democracy Now!

Michael Moore on Haiti, the Supreme Court Decision on Corporate Campaign Financing, and Why He Calls the Democrats “Disgusting”
Filmmaker Michael Moore joins us for a wide-ranging interview about Haiti, the Supreme Court decision on corporate campaign financing, President Obama’s first year in office, the Democrats, and much more. “The Democrats] don’t have the guts. They don’t have the courage of their own convictions. They’re disgusting. I’m embarrassed,” Moore says. “I want really nothing to do with them. And if they don’t find their spine, well, they’re in for a huge surprise in November.” [includes rush transcript–partial]

National Broadcast Exclusive…Almost Deported Before the Quake, Haitian New Yorker Jean Montrevil Speaks Out
In a national broadcast exclusive, we speak with prominent Haitian community activist, Jean Montrevil. He’s just been released from jail after being held for three weeks by immigration authorities. His scheduled deportation was indefinitely put off after the earthquake in Haiti. We also speak with the Rev. Doctor Donna Schaper as well as attorney Ira Kurban.


UN: 2 Million Haitians Need Immediate Food Aid
Canada Hosts Meeting to Discuss Rebuilding Haiti
Obama to Call for Freeze on Non-Defense Spending
Democrats Consider Bills to Limit Foreign Corporate Campaign Donations
White House Debate Legality of Assassinating US Citizen in Yemen
Bombings in Iraq Kill 60
“Chemical Ali” Executed In Iraq
Greek Farmers Stage Protests
Israeli Cabinet Minister: Goldstone Report on Gaza Is Anti-Semitic
Halliburton Asks Supreme Court to Block Rape Trial
Rallies Held in Albany over Natural Gas Drilling

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