Wednesday, December 30, 2009

30 Dec 2009: Today's Democracy Now!

Botched Christmas Airline Bombing: A Look at Obama's Handling of the Case and the Media's Coverage
President Obama has acknowledged that a “systemic failure” of the nation’s intelligence and security measures paved the way for last week’s aborted bomb attack on a Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. We take a look at the Obama administration’s handling of the case and the media’s coverage of it all with Spencer Ackerman of the Washington Independent. [includes rush transcript]

Gaza Freedom March Protests Continue in Cairo, Organizers Say Egypt Offer to Allow 100 into Gaza Not Sufficient
Hundreds of activists with the Gaza Freedom March are staging continued demonstrations and sit-ins in Cairo to protest the Egyptian government’s refusal to allow them to cross the border into Gaza. Organizers say an offer by Egyptian authorities this morning to allow just 100 members of the group to go to Gaza was not sufficient. More than 1,300 people from over forty countries are in Cairo as part of the Gaza Freedom March. We go to Cairo to speak with Ali Abunimah of Electronic Intifada.

EXCLUSIVE...Pink Floyd's Roger Waters Speaks Out in Support of Gaza Freedom March, Blasts Israeli-Egyptian "Siege" of Gaza
In a Democracy Now! exclusive interview, British musician Roger Waters of the iconic rock band Pink Floyd speaks out about the Gaza Freedom March. “I actually would be very interested to hear what the President of the United States has to say about this nonviolent, democratic demonstration of ordinary people from forty-two countries all over the world,” says Waters. “They feel solidarity with their brothers and sisters, other human beings who are living in conditions that none of us would stand for, for a single second, in any of our countries.” [includes rush transcript]

Flashback: ICRC Spokesman in Gaza Describes Glaring Lack of Medical Access During Israeli Assault
We look back at the glaring lack of access to emergency care for the thousands of people seeking urgent medical help during Israel’s three-week military operation one year ago. Iyad Nasr, the spokesperson for the International Committee of the Red Cross in the bombed-out Tel al-Hawa neighborhood of Gaza City, describes the ICRC’s operations. [includes rush transcript]

"Christmas Presents for Bankers"
As 2009 comes to a close, we take a look at the state of the U.S. economy with economist dean Baker and the Reverend Jesse Jackson. “After throwing the economy into the worst downturn since the Great Depression and bringing the whole sector to the edge of collapse, the financial industry has used its political power to succor itself back to life,” Baker writes. “It is now stronger than ever.”


Report: US Reviewing Targets for Possible Strike in Yemen
Obama: "Systemic Failure” Occurred in Nation’s Security System
1,500 Reportedly Arrested in Iran
Israeli Court Rules Palestinians Can Drive on “Apartheid Road”
Suicide Bombs Kill 23 in Anbar, Iraq
Morgan Stanley Sued over Mortgage-Related Investments
Penn. Police Officers Resign After Indictments in Immigrant Killing
World Urged to Do More to Fight Maternal Mortality
Gay Couple Jailed in Malawi After Holding Marriage Ceremony
Chilean Copper Miners Vote to Go on Strike
Four Anti-Mining Activists Arrested in Virginia

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