Thursday, November 19, 2009

Noble Red Man CD Now Available


Brand new CD:


The Transformative Words of
Lakota Wisdomkeeper Mathew King

A one-of-a-kind spoken-word performance by Harvey Arden with haunting music by Jeff Foreman

"Amazing CD--will rend your heart and transform your mind."


When we want wisdom we go up on the hill
And we talk to God, Wakan Tanka.
Four days and four nights.
No food. No water.


Yes, you can—
You can talk to God up on a hill
all by yourself.
You can say anything you want.
Nobody’s there to listen to you.
Just you and God and nobody else


It’s a great feeling to be talking to God.
I know.
I did it way up on the mountain.
The wind was blowing.
It was dark.
It was cold.
And I stood there
And I talked to God.

—Mathew King, Chief NOBLE RED MAN


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