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22 Nov 2009: Native News from

Northwest Shoshone suspend executives / Allegations » Tribal members claim the COO used funds for extravagant personal purchases. (UTAH) -- The Northwestern Band of the Shoshone tribal council Saturday suspended the top two executives of the tribe's economic development company after a company accountant leveled allegations of embezzlement, tax fraud and corporate mismanagement.

Holder: DOJ Wants ‘Lasting Change’ In Indian Country (WASHINGTON, DC) -- The Justice Department is working to bring “lasting change” in how it handles American Indian issues, according to written testimony from Attorney General Eric Holder submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday.

Reservation gang activity on the rise (OREGON) -- This summer's fatal stabbing of a Native American man on Pendleton's Bedford Bridge is no reason to panic about surging native gang activity.

Us Agency Says Uranium In Wells From Polluted Mine (NEVADA) -- Peggy Pauly lives in a robin-egg blue, two-story house not far from acres of onion fields that make the northern Nevada air smell sweet at harvest time.

Federal judge takes third swing at NW salmon plan / Hearing Monday could be last before ruling (OREGON) -- The federal judge getting ready to decide whether the government is doing enough to save Columbia River salmon will have a question for its lawyers Monday: If you have plans in your hip pocket in case the fish numbers crash, why not put those plans to work now?

Masten, Mais: Tribes are true stewards of the salmon (CALIFORNIA) -- The Hoopa and Yurok tribes have fished sustainably on the Klamath and Trinity rivers for thousands of years. Our great-grandparents remember when nearly a million salmon returned to the basin every year to spawn.

$10 million in grants to be awarded for Native children's health care / Tribes and Indian Health Providers Urged to Apply (WASHINGTON, DC) -- HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius today announced the availability of up to $10 million in grants to help reach American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) children who qualify for, but are not yet enrolled, in Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

Coburn blocks veterans’ health bill / It contains provisions intended to benefit Native American vets (OKLAHOMA) -- A day after the United States honored its military veterans in the month that honors Native American heritage, Sen. Tom Coburn reaffirmed his decision to block a veterans’ health care bill containing provisions for American Indian vets.

How Animators Tackled Werewolf Transformations in New Moon (USA) -- To create an all-new form of werewolf transformation for The Twilight Saga: New Moon, which hit theaters on Friday, VFX house Tippett Studios turned to R&D, 3D scans—and real-life wolves.

BLOG: Quileute in Meyer comic book (CALIFORNIA) -- Bluewater Productions has produced a series of comics called FEMALE FORCE featuring the life stories of Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, Michelle Obama, and Caroline Kennedy in a broad examination of strong women in politics.

'New Moon' premiere like being in a movie for Quileute tribal members (CALIFORNIA) -- From the moment they stepped out of the limousine and onto the red carpet, the evening felt like being transported into a scene in a movie, said a Quileute tribal spokeswoman after council members and children attended the premiere of the latest Twilight saga film.

Native American actors stepping out of Western roles (KANSAS) -- Through the years, few Native American actors have broken through into mainstream roles that weren't period-piece "warrior" types. So it's refreshing to see a new breed of Native actors get the spotlight with the release of the "Twilight" movie "New Moon."

Fans sink their teeth into `New Moon' werewolves (FLORIDA) -- Alex Meraz and Kiowa Gordon were hardly prepared for the female attention they'd get from starring in this year's hottest movie, New Moon, which hit theaters Friday.

Dan Krieger: A tribe, a pine nut and an early Thanksgiving (CALIFORNIA) -- The Thanksgiving holiday that Americans celebrate this week has its origins in the traditions of the early settlers of New England.

The looming food crisis solved / Book explains secrets of 1st Thanksgiving to 21st century consumers (USA) -- The secrets Squanto used to save the immigrants who arrived on the shores of the New World may just be the salvation of another generation, according to a new book that reveals how he was able to rescue the struggling Pilgrims.

It’s time to talk turkey about Thanksgiving traditions (NEBRASKA) -- Thanksgiving is heavily steeped in traditions. But as sometimes happens with history and facts, myths can get in the way. James W. Baker, senior historian at Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth, Mass., has some thoughts on why that is with Thanksgiving.

Obama administration pauses on Alaska drilling (WASHINGTON, DC) -- The Obama administration has delayed a decision on a request by Shell Oil Co. to drill for oil and gas in Alaska's rugged Chukchi Sea.

Raytheon factory changes name to reflect Navajo character (NEW MEXICO) -- More than two decades after Raytheon began doing business in a corner of the Navajo Nation, the $32 billion company changed the local facility's name to reflect its cultural surroundings.

Tribal member seeks part-time council / Barrientoz says move would save $1M a year (MICHIGAN) -- Jaime Barrientoz no longer wants to worry about his local American Indian tribe's financial struggles. So he submitted an initiative this week that would transition nearly every member of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians' Tribal Council from full- to part-time status.

$867K for Little Shell on hold after state audit (MONTANA) -- State agencies have withheld $867,000 in grants and stimulus money from a Montana Indian tribe since auditors revealed lax accounting practices had opened the door to potential financial abuse.

Governor approves cuts to two Navajo projects (NEW MEXICO) -- State contributions to two Navajo Nation projects in San Juan County were cut by the governor to help close New Mexico's $650 million budget shortfall, according to data from the New Mexico Association of Counties.

Fairhaven Shipyard hoists Alaska ferry despite federal warning: Parties to conflict sound upbeat after meeting (WASHINGTON) -- Fairhaven Shipyard used its new drydock to lift the Alaska ferry Kennicott on Friday, Nov. 20, despite a warning from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that the operation could violate federal law.

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