Friday, October 30, 2009

Time for Net Neutrality

Time for Net Neutrality
We must enshrine basic principles of openness and fairness into the rules governing how Internet service providers operate -- giving the FCC the authority to be the proverbial cop on the cyber beat and ensuring that these principles of freedom and competition are upheld in the marketplace. In this way we can preserve the best of what the Internet is even as it continues to evolve.
Rep. Ed Markey,

Net Neutrality: Spur to Entrepreneurship
An open wireless network, built on the same principles as the extremely successful wired network, will unleash investment, innovation and job growth that could be a major driver in our economic recovery. Those who oppose Net Neutrality claim that government involvement is somehow bad for business. This claim is wrong.
Mitchell Baker and John Lilly, Wall Street Journal

Why the Future of Online Speech Depends on Net Neutrality
The future of free speech is inextricably tied to the ways in which individuals are permitted to use the Internet. For this reason, it's paramount that people work to advocate for Net Neutrality in the United States and other countries around the world.
Clothilde Le Coz, MediaShift

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