Saturday, October 10, 2009

This Week from Indian Country Today

Senate approves apology to Natives, part two
WASHINGTON – For the second year in a row, the Senate has voted to apologize to Native Americans for historical injustices. Read more »


Tribe’s marina plan means ferry must move
Lummi Nation accounts for all tideland species
Nez Perce get stimulus funds to clean up tanks
Dune Lankard – Hero of the Planet
Senate approves apology to Natives, part two
Columbus Day conflict may move to cyberspace
NCAI will elect top officers
‘Power Paths’ to air nationally on ‘Independent Lens’
Tribes awarded $3.5M grant for justice center
Gila River Indian Community to get $36m in stimulus funds
Native voice, native vision: Rumsey Band of Wintun Indians honor ancestral roots with name change
Slow business at casino hurts Snoqualmie
NY governor endorses Shinnecock federal acknowledgment
Tanka Bars available nationwide
Modern Indian identity is many-sided, but linked to place
The Green Divide meets tribal politics
Judge rejects NY, counties’ land trust challenges
Dawn of a new union
IHS prepared for H1N1
‘Carcieri’ and ‘commutability’ fixes on potential collision course
Tribal energy policy plan takes shape
Stimulus funds targeted to fight crime
Utility OKs Klamath dam removals, salmon aid
Ponca Nation gets $10.5 million settlement in environmental lawsuit
Alaska’s geothermal project could fuel the region’s economic sustainability


Great Lakes


Trimble: Eating my words

Sometimes we journalists take ourselves too seriously. We are widely published and read by many people. We are recognized, sometimes with big awards. We are trained and/or experienced, and we see ourselves as clever with words. Sometimes we see ourselves as wise, even, and above the people, those who read our words. Read more »

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