Saturday, October 3, 2009

This Week from Indian Country Today

White House clears Skibine for interim NIGC chair
WASHINGTON – The White House has approved George Skibine to be interim chairman of the National Indian Gaming Commission. Read more »


Judge rejects NY, counties’ land trust challenges
Stimulus funds targeted to fight crime
Utility OKs Klamath dam removals, salmon aid
Ponca Nation gets $10.5 million settlement in environmental lawsuit
Alaska’s geothermal project could fuel the region’s economic sustainability
Felix Aripa
Artifacts returned to tribes
A vision becomes reality
Kickapoos historic meeting
Freedmen discussed at Federal Bar Association meeting
Breakthrough week in tribal estuary restorations
Chief Judge Anthony J. Brandenburg joins JAMS in San Diego
Feds delay Mont. tribe’s recognition request
2nd Circuit to hear Schaghticoke appeal
Health dangers of sewer water snowmaking should be considered
Blumenthal files amicus brief
Dorgan’s ‘Carcieri fix’ introduced to Senate
Conference focuses on opportunities for health care reform
Tribal environmental employee selected for national committee
North Dakota tribes urge settlement in Keepseagle case
Fantasy Football
Dorgan: ‘Trail of broken promises can end'
Indian group says it will abandon ancestral home
Blumenthal’s ‘huge and historic’ announcement
Housing bill introduced to assist Native veterans


Great Lakes


Newcomb: The sinister roots of ‘territory’

Alpheus Snow, in his book “The Administration of Dependencies,” examined “the Evolution of the Federal Empire” of the United States, “with Special Reference to Colonial Problems.” How to get Indian land has always been a central colonial issue for the United States. This is otherwise known as “the Indian problem,” or, how to get the land away from the Indian nations that first possessed it. Read more »

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