Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Life Of Many Lakota Youth

The Life Of Many Lakota Youth

  • Parents without jobs - 80% unemployment
  • 20 people living in a small house trying to survive
  • alcohol and drugs that numb the senses
  • gang relationships that replace family
  • 75% drop out of school
  • a suicide rate 5.5 times higher than anywhere else in the nation
  • parents whose lives are not long enough to raise their kids

One Spirit is committed to supporting the efforts of the Lakota people to give to their youth both a brighter "tomorrow" and a better "today" - To change the 75% school drop out rate to 75% completion; to eliminate suicides among their youth, and to break the hold of drugs, alcohol, and gangs.

The Lakota people are determined to show the youth the beauty of their culture and traditions and give to them responsibility, as well as fun and adventure.
Some of the youth programs we are supporting.

  • On September 25-27, more than 200 people, youth and families, will attend a 3 day camp focused on living without the alcohol, drugs, gangs and other life styles that are not compatible with Lakota traditions and culture. The camp will be followed during the coming months with youth and family events to provide support.
  • Throughout the fall, there will be horse rides and programs to train the kids in the proper care of and respect for the horses.
  • In December, the goal is to have more than 300 youth join the Big Foot Ride, a 4-day journey during the coldest time of year.
  • At Christmas time this year, no child or youth will be left out of holiday festivities because of their poverty.
  • The warmth of a "safe" house - where youth are welcome and parents know that their children are cared for in the traditional way

Most important is encouragement the kids will be given to stay in school. One Spirit provides as much support as we can muster.

Can you help?

Help the Lakota change the lives of their children. Every donation goes directly to support their efforts.

Love and Peace,

The One Spirit Staff

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