Monday, September 28, 2009

28 Sep 2009: Today's Democracy Now!

Nearly 200 Arrested as Police Unleash Tear Gas, Sound Cannons at G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh
As leaders of the world’s richest nations gathered in Pittsburgh for the G-20 summit, thousands took to the streets in protest amidst a heavy police crackdown. Heavily armed riot police were out in force and used tear gas, stun grenades, smoke canisters and sound cannons, which direct extremely loud shrill sounds. Democracy Now! producer Steve Martinez files a report from the streets of Pittsburgh.

Author Arundhati Roy on the Human Costs of India's Economic Growth, the View of Obama from New Delhi, and Escalating US Attacks in Af-Pak
We’re joined from the Indian capital of New Delhi by the Booker Prize-winning novelist, political essayist and global justice activist Arundhati Roy. Her books include the Booker Prize-winning novel The God of Small Things and her latest essay collection, Field Notes on Democracy: Listening to Grasshoppers. We speak to Roy about India’s conflict with Maoist rebels, the occupation of Kashmir, ongoing Indian-Pakistani tensions, Obama’s war in “Af-Pak,” and more.


Honduran Coup Regime Imposes Media, Protest Crackdown
US Threatens “Severe” Sanctions for Iranian Nuke Site
Israeli Troops Fire on Palestinian Protests
G-20 Concludes with Vague Pledges on Global Warming, Finance
South America-Africa Summit Launches Regional Bank, Urges Security Council Reform
US to Open Naval Bases in Panama
Unemployed Workers Exceed Job Openings by 6 to 1
Watada to Be Discharged for Resisting Iraq War
Uninsured Ohio Student Dies After Delaying Medical Care for Swine Flu
Oklahoma Bombing Tapes Appear to Be Edited

Web Exclusive
Arun Gupta asks "What Anti-War Movement?"

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