Thursday, September 17, 2009

17 Sep 2009: Today's Democracy Now!

ACORN Head Bertha Lewis Vows Action on Employee Misconduct, But Warns Group Targeted by "Modern-Day McCarthyism"
The anti-poverty group ACORN is coming under a firestorm of criticism after the group’s workers were caught on camera appearing to offer advice to a pimp and prostitute. The video was a major strike for conservatives, who for years have accused ACORN of voter registration fraud during presidential elections. Republicans are calling for a complete cutoff of all federal funding to the group, which helps poor people fight foreclosures, fix tax problems, and register to vote. We speak with ACORN chief executive Bertha Lewis.

Philosopher Grace Lee Boggs and Sociologist, Monthly Review Editor John Bellamy Foster on the Financial Meltdown, Social Change and Redefining Democracy
While Wall Street appears to be recovering from the financial meltdown, Main Street has not. We speak to two guests who for decades have advocated for a radical rethinking of how the nation’s economy is structured: Grace Lee Boggs, a ninety-four-year-old Detroit-based philosopher and activist involved with the civil rights, black power, labor, environmental justice, and feminist movements for the past seven decades; and John Bellamy Foster, editor of the socialist journal Monthly Review and a professor of sociology at the University of Oregon.


Obama Drops Bush Admin Missile Program in Eastern Europe
Obama: No Decision on Afghan Troop Increase
US Pressures Iraq on Troop Referendum, Oil Deals
Iraqi Killed After Throwing Shoe at US Troops
Suit: Gov’t Warned Blackwater on Civilian Deaths Prior to Nisoor Massacre
WFP: World Food Aid at 20-Year Low
Obama Admin Extends Cuban Embargo
Morales Chides US for Drug Criticism
Environmental Activists End Tar Sands Blockade
Court: Alleged Rape Victim Can Sue KBR
Ocean Temperatures at Record Levels
Folk Singer Mary Travers Dies at 72

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