Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Event for Leonard in Denver

Just wanted to let you all know about this event:

Sunday July 26th, 3pm
Colorado Anti-Violence Program Office
304 Elati Street, Denver
A screening of: "Incident at Oglala"
A Matinee Film Benefit for American Indian Movement Political Prisoner,
Leonard Peltier

American Indian Movement leader and organizer, Leonard Peltier, has spent over 30 years in prison as a result of legal proceedings marred with doctored evidence, perjured witness testimonies, and falsified evidence.

Leonard's incarceration is but one story in a chapter of state repression against indigenous self organizing in the 1970's. His arrest and imprisonment came as a direct result of the effectiveness of the American Indian Movement and others to fight for self determination for indigenous
peoples in the Americas and against continued injustices at the hands of colonizer governments.

Leonard has been granted a parole hearing date of Tuesday July 28th. His legal team and the Leonard Peltier Defense-Offense Committee have called for stepped up community based efforts on his behalf in the lead up to this hearing.

The Denver Anarchist Black Cross is a new collective in the Denver area working toward contributing to the defense, both internally and externally, of social movements working against oppression and for self determination for all peoples.

All funds generated from this event will go to benefit ongoing legal and movement building work on Leonard's behalf.

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