Monday, July 6, 2009

Mr. Peltier Needs Our Help Now!

We've received various messages in the last day or so from medical professionals who have expressed concern about the symptoms exhibited by Mr. Peltier in recent weeks.

Specifically, today, we received communication from a retired doctor (a urologist, or surgeon of the urinary tract and male genital system). We thought supporters would be interested in what an expert has to say about Mr. Peltier's latest symptoms.

"It appears that Mr. Peltier is suffering from a medical symptom called hematuria' (blood in the urine)... Mr. Peltier needs to be seen and evaluated by a urologist (not an oncologist) since the most serious major causes of blood in the urine in an older man are bladder cancer and kidney cancer (prostate cancer is an unusual cause of blood in the urine). Naturally, there are other, more common and less serious causes for blood in the urine (kidney stones, urinary tract infections, etc.). The most threatening causes are those that must be addressed first and that is the purview of urology."

The prison responded to the doctor's concerns, but he wasn't very satisfied with what he heard.

"... the quantity of blood present is irrelevant since even microscopic quantities can be symptoms of very serious disease processes. I urge you to insure Mr. Peltier is seen by a urologist in short order since, depending on the nature of the cause of his hematuria, rapid, effective treatment could be the difference between his health and serious, even fatal illness.

One further point; I do not recommend this issue be evaluated by a non-urologist. In my career, I saw (all too often) inadequate treatment and poor follow-up of serious urological illness by practitioners (M.D., D.O., P.A.) who did not have the specialty training needed to fully understand the significance of hematuria."

You may recall that, for many years, Peltier had a seriously debilitating jaw condition which left him unable to chew properly and caused persistent pain and headaches. While he was finally given specialized care for this problem (after intense international pressure and a U.N. finding that the withheld treatment amounted to torture), follow up surgeries were required to fully treat the condition. That care has never been provided, however, and he's now experiencing many of the same symptoms.

Today, Leonard Peltier continues to suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, and a heart condition and -- nearly 65 years of age -- Mr. Peltier's health is clearly deteriorating. A couple of weeks ago, he experienced chest pain and other symptoms of a possible heart attack. Now, he's presenting with hematuria.

A decade ago, an independent physician reviewed Mr. Peltier's medical records and gave the opinion that Peltier risks blindness, kidney failure, stroke (he's already had one stroke that left him partially blind in one eye), and certainly premature death given his diet, living conditions, and health care.

This much is clear... The only way to ensure proper medical care for Mr. Peltier is for the public -- YOU -- to demand that it be so. Contact Warden Bledsoe at USP ~ Lewisburg. Do it and keep doing it. Remember you're calling on behalf of prisoner Leonard Peltier #89637-132.

Telephone: (570) 523-1251
Fax: (570) 522-7745
E-mail address:

Demand that Peltier be immediately transferred to the Federal Medical Center (FMC) in Rochester, MN, a facility providing specialized medical services to male prisoners. At Rochester, it is hoped, a complete evaluation of all of Mr. Peltier's health conditions can be performed and treatment provided according to accepted medical protocols.

Friends of Peltier
Time to set him free... Because it's the RIGHT thing to do.

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