Saturday, June 27, 2009

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Obama to replace Hopi U.S. attorney

WASHINGTON – Diane J. Humetewa, the first female Native American U.S. attorney in history, will soon be out of a job – and not because she’s doing a bad job, either. Instead, she will become a casualty of the political appointee process that comes with each new presidential administration. Read more »


Poarch Creek holds historic election
Guidelines, applications for tax-exempt bonds now available
Southern Utah Indian tribe plants donated trees
William & Mary mascot ideas include an asparagus
Sacagawea honored at statue in Virginia
Small Business Administration appoints Native director
More stimulus funds designated toward Indian housing
IHS releases half billion in funds
First tribe receives recovery funds for tribal roads
Federal emergency training for tribes pays off in tornado zone
EPA to rebuild uranium- contaminated Navajo homes
Obama to replace Hopi U.S. attorney
Senators call archaeological theft raid overkill
Tribes’ NAGPRA complaint against UMass moves forward
Pocketbook issues underlie a Hopi coal mining dispute
Level funding for Indian housing
Idaho’s Waters of the West program
Change is in store for an urban Indian center
New project seeks to address ‘unconscious’ racial biases
Raquel Welch lauds Native American culture
2009 Health Equity Conference in Las Vegas July 28 – 29
Search for donor with unique ancestry is urgent
Judge rejects state’s request to delay slot machine case
Tribe director wins environmental award
Protection in a fragile Environment


Great Lakes


Advocacy and change in federal Indian law

It’s a bad sign when a Supreme Court justice disrespects a young Indian woman, Nazune Menka, when asked about the Carcieri v. Salazar decision against the Narragansett Nation, and worse when the justice mocks the case itself, calling it “a laugher.” Aside from what CBS News calls Scalia’s “nasty” style, what allows him to show such mockery and disrespect? Read more »

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