Sunday, June 21, 2009

Medical Update

I just spoke to a relative of Leonards. He is thankful for all the calls on his behalf and wants to be taken to the PRISON Hospital Rochester . Not the Mayo clinic .

Leonard has sleep apthima and many times the guards wake him up to ask if he is alright . He said when the guards woke him up in the middle of the nite last nite to check on him he thought that was what it was about .He said he still has chest discomfort and a pain in his left arm.

He said again, he needs to get good test run, and thank you for all of those who have called and ask for the calls to continue to get him to the Prison Hospital in Rochester.

Any further updates will be passed alonng as they come out.

In The Spirit of Crazy Horse
National Spokesman LP DOC

Leonard Peltier

Warden Bledsoe
The prison number is Ph: (570) 523-1251

They show 2 fax numbers 570-522-7745 and (570) 522-7519


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