Thursday, June 11, 2009

11 Jun 2009: Today's Democracy Now!

New York Legislature in Gridlock as Democratic Defections Give Republicans Senate Control
Democracy Now! co-host Juan Gonzalez analyzes the Republican takeover of the New York State Senate following the surprise defection of two Democratic lawmakers. The political upheaval has held up legislation on issues affecting millions of New Yorkers, including gay marriage, rent controls and mayoral control of New York City’s schools. [includes rush transcript]

Longtime White Supremacist Opens Fire at DC Holocaust Museum, Killing Security Guard; Shooting is Third in as Many Months Linked to White Nationalist Groups
Longtime white supremacist James W. von Brunn opened fire at Washington, DC’s Holocaust Memorial Museum on Wednesday, killing a security guard and injuring another. It was the third recent shooting involving a gunman with ties to the white nationalist movement, following last month’s slaying of abortion provider Dr. George Tiller and the shooting of three police officers in Philadelphia in April. We speak with one of the nation’s leading researchers on right-wing hate groups, Leonard Zeskind, author of Blood and Politics: The History of the White Nationalist Movement from the Margins to the Mainstream. Zeskind has been closely monitoring white nationalist and anti-Semitic groups for over thirty years. [includes rush transcript–partial]

White Supremacist Kills Guard in Holocaust Memorial Shooting
Following Senate Approval, Torture-Linked General Given “Carte Blanche” for Afghan Command
House Panel Holds Hearing on Single Payer
AMA Opposes Public Health Insurance Plan
Tiller Colleague Vows to Continue Performing Late-Term Abortions in Kansas
Admin to Unveil New Rules on Mountaintop Coal Mining
Peruvian Congress Suspends Land Laws
UN Withdraws Staff from Peshawar Following Deadly Bombing
Blackwater Sued for 2007 Killing of Iraqi Civilian
Oregon National Guard Members Sue KBR for Toxic Exposure
Audit Faults at Least $13 Billion in War Contractor Spending
Witnesses: 2 Afghans Killed, Dozens Wounded in US Grenade Attack
Study: Firms, Governments Funded over 22,000 Pentagon Trips
Utah Man Dies in Police Tasering

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