Saturday, May 2, 2009

This Week from Indian Country Today

BIA will encourage new Micmac elections

WASHINGTON – While the unelected chief of the Aroostook Band of Micmac Indians has announced that she and the seated 2005 council will remain in office without elections until 2011, a BIA official has said the agency will look into the possibility of rescinding an “Opinion Letter” supporting that government, and will encourage them to hold a new election. Read more »


In search of old ways, Andean healer brings medicine to reservation
Alaskan wilderness in danger from loophole in Airborne Hunting Act
Tax-time interpretation of trust laws can lead to trouble, court indicates
ACS releases new breast cancer video starring all-Native American cast
Seeds of hope planted with USDA
Death of noted national Indian leader
Law melts away
SCIA considers Roubideaux to lead IHS
Colonial Catawba leader inducted into hall of fame
Economic town hall meetings held in N.M. Indian country
Kalispel tribe, PUD agree on new dam license
Report: BIA official supported unelected Micmac chief and council for two years
Tax code discussed at recent work session
Tulalip Tribes re-elect Fryberg and Zackuse
Miss Oglala Lakota Nation embraces NEC
Black Eagle elected Crow chairman
Rosebud tribal court worker must repay $4,000
The Henry James business plan
White Earth delegates ratify new constitution
Clean Air Act
Denver March Powwow begins the season
Wanapum Heritage Center honors the River People
PNE completes second Native convenience store, gas station
Tigua leader’s past could hamper gaming bid
Navajo Nation advocates for veterans healthcare facility


Great Lakes

Lead Editorial

On non-Indian, anti-Indian law

The dominant society of the United States presumes that American Indian nations and peoples are obligated to accept and live in accordance with a non-Indian perspective on American Indian existence. Unfortunately, we as Indian people don’t spend enough time challenging that presumption. Read more »

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