Thursday, April 30, 2009

We Shall Remain: Wounded Knee

In 1973, American Indian Movement activists and residents of the Pine Ridge Reservation occupied the town of Wounded Knee, demanding redress for grievances. As a result of the siege, Indians across the country forged a new path into the future.

Sisters, Brothers, Friends and Supporters,

We hope everyone is watching this landmark series, We Shall Remain, on American Experience (PBS), but especially encourage everyone to watch the final episode, Wounded Knee, on May 11. Folks, we screened the episode last night. You don't want to miss it. Great interviews (some will surprise you) and historic footage that has never been aired before now. Mark your calendar, check your local listings, and tune in.

Friends of Peltier
Time to Set Him Free... Because It's the RIGHT Thing To Do

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