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Power Plant Project on the Ropes


Tuesday, April 28, 2009
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April 28, 2009, Dilkon, AZ--The proposed Desert Rock Energy Project was dealt a serious if not fatal blow yesterday as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency withdrew the previously issued but defective air quality permit for the planned $4 billion power plant and remanded it to its Region Nine office to correct its earlier flawed review and analysis of Sithe Global Power, LLC's permit application which itself is administratively incomplete and fraught with technical error.

The EPA Administrator filed the motion for complete permit withdrawal and remand with the agency's Environmental Appeals Board which has been considering an ad, 2008 decision to illegally permit the proposed Desert Rock power plant.

Dine CARE's intervention and participation in the controversial air quality permit decision appeal matter was in emergency response to the current industrial genocide of tens of thousands of Navajo people in the Four Corners area who are now sick and dying from decades of exposure to deadly air pollution emitted from the existing Four Corners and San Juan power plants and to prevent the future technological mass murder of more of our people by killer smog from more power plants and death factories like Desert Rock which if permitted and built, will create a triangle of death in the San Juan Basin.

Our Navajo leaders believing in "pie in the sky" CLEAN COAL technology that doesn't exist and their misguided response crying poverty is missing the whole point of why Desert Rock can't be built.

Navajo President Joe Shirley released a statement yesterday on this same issue "Every day this project is delayed, we are losing our Navajo children to poverty and alcoholism ministrative appeal filed by the Conservation Petitioners (including Dine CARE) and other parties last year challenging EPA's July 31 because of lack of opportunity," President Shirley said. 2005 Navajo Division of Health report rates causes of death on Navajo as: Auto accidents, cervical cancer, suicides, tuberculosis, pneumonia/influenza, infant deaths and post neonatal deaths. To claim that poverty is causing death in Navajo is unbelievable and disgraceful. The Navajo people are resourceful and our traditional kinship Ké would not allow poverty to take our people.

Joe Shirley and the Navajo Tribal Council are only exacerbating the public health crisis in Navajoland by supporting and voting for more deadly pollution while overpaid white mouthpieces like George Hardeen publicly justify and condone the Navajo holocaust and the ecocide of our sacred environment. But their days are numbered as the wheels of environmental justice slowly turn.

Burnham resident and resister Lucy Willie said at press time, "We know and live the reality of living under a cloud of pollution and what it does to our land, livestock and our health and we applaud the decision made under this new administration."


Anna M. Frazier, Dine' CARE
Dilkon (Navajo Nation), AZ

Lori Goodman, Dine' CARE
Durango, CO Office

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