Friday, March 20, 2009

This Week from Indian Country Today

Echo-Hawk, the artist

WASHINGTON – The Echo-Hawk name has been making big waves lately as a result of political wrangling in Washington. But the name isn’t synonymous with politics. For Bunky Echo-Hawk, it’s all about creating art. It just so happens that the messages of his art often end up being political. Read more »


Meeks to become S.D. director of rural development
Washburn: ‘Criminal justice is area for greatest improvement in Indian country’
Politics were played in defeating Indian law/health amendment
Carcieri fix, legal or legislative, expected to be complicated
Murkowski says she’ll keep Indian affairs a priority
Obama Cabinet members make energy


Great Lakes

Black out during white out

MITCHELL, S.D. – South Dakota-based Central Electric Cooperative has a policy in effect to provide electricity to its customers in the winter months regardless of their ability to pay. However, Crow Creek Reservation tribal members are getting their power turned off by the company in the midst of extreme blizzard conditions. Read more »

Lead Editorial

Mankiller: Obama’s opportunity: Add America’s name to declaration
President Obama has an opportunity to send the world a message about American justice.

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