Monday, March 9, 2009

Oglala Commemoration: Auction Update

New Auction Items
Here are some of the new items up:

1) Bunk Echo Hawk - "Inheriting the Legacy"

2) Henri Peter - Lakota Storm Giclee This is a print on canvas, very nice. Mr. Peter is from Peru and is a color blind artist. This is a signed, limited edition. Including a certificate

3) Homeland Security - Wounded Knee Tshirt This is the last one. Size Large

4) Buddy Parchcorn Beaded Bracelet

These are just a few of the things up. Just in are the 2009 Oglala Commemoration Buttons, this is a buy now item.

Many more items, check out the website or directly

Thanks everyone. Your support makes this annual event happen.


Oglala Commemoration Committee

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