Friday, March 27, 2009

National Day of Solidarity with the RNC8

Join in the National Day of Solidarity with the RNC8!

Saturday, March 28th
Brooklyn, NYC

(Exciting RNC Protest Footage!)

(Delicious & Vegan!)

& Speakers
(Short & Sweet! Learn about the RNC8 & the current state of Domestic
Terrorism Laws)

How Much?

The Change You Want See Gallery
84 Havemeyer Street, Storefront
Brooklyn, NY 11211
L to Bedford
J to Marcy
G to Metropolitan

More Info:
The street battles that took place in St. Paul, Minnesota over the course of the Republican National Convention are now a memory–battles hard won by those brave protesters who defied the thousands of police and National Guard in place throughout the Twin Cities to guard what is most precious to those in power: law and order.

The authorities had hoped to preemptively contain the RNC protests by unleashing a tsunami of repression against local organizers who were involved in logistical support work. Eight people, after early morning house raids and preemptive arrests mere days before the action would begin, have now been charged as terrorists under a state-version of the Patriot Act and are facing 12 and a half years in prison and fines of $25,000 per person.

Just as the authorities failed to quiet the protests that engulfed downtown St. Paul, we must act to once again disrupt their well-laid plans! Through ingenuity and solidarity we can accomplish the most amazing feats, as those on the streets of St. Paul can attest. The prosecution of the RNC8 is a naked attempt to criminalize above-
ground legal organizing — and we will not let friends and fellow travelers go to jail without a fight!


This case is pivotal! If the RNC8 are found guilty, this will serve as a precedent for prosecuting those who organize in their communities to resist the systems of greed and exploitation that threaten us all.

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