Thursday, March 26, 2009

Indigenous Policy Paper for Consideration by the Obama Administration and the 111th Congress

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

The undersigned organizations are writing to ask you for your signature on the attached (
click here to read/download) policy paper urging the Obama administration to adopt the recommendations we have laid out for them regarding sustainable energy development on tribal lands. This is a collaborative document created to draw attention to the growing opportunities found throughout Native America. Indian country has extraordinary potential for renewable energy that must not remain untapped. Our policy initiatives demand the government take action and give tribal lands the attention they deserve.

Clean energy and green jobs will provide a positive benefit to Indian reservations more so than non-renewable coal, oil or nuclear power combined. Dirty power created from nuclear substances and dead fossil fuels on tribal lands merely expose Native people to the dangers of shortsighted energy development. The land and its inhabitants end up paying an expensive price for dirty energy cultivation.

All the while, tribal reservations maintain a high potential for wind and solar energies. The incoming administration must address the cultural, health and economic burdens dirty energy creates by taking action to terminate all government incentives and financial backing for investment in non-renewable energy. In place of dirty investment, the incoming administration must provide the financial subsidies necessary to encourage clean energy investment within Indian lands.

By signing onto this policy paper, you are promoting clean energy opportunities throughout Native America. Your adoption of these initiatives will help provide the persuasion and weight necessary to influence our new administration. In celebration of your support and others like you, we will send this policy paper to the Department of Energy in response to their request for information regarding deployment of renewable energy in Indian Country. We will also be sending this paper to the Secretary of Energy, the Secretary of Interior and other cabinet members to gain support for this initiative. Therefore, we strongly urge you to promote these efforts by signing onto this document and passing along this request for other organizations to do the same.

To sign your organization or tribal government onto this document for submission, please e-mail your name, title, organization, and contact information to Jihan Gearon at

In Solidarity,

Indigenous Environmental Network
Honor the Earth
Intertribal Council On Utility Policy
International Indian Treaty Council

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