Monday, March 16, 2009

The Good Time Bill

The Good Time Bill has been introduced in the US House of Representatives – It already has 11 co-sponsors! But 200 are needed.

Please take 10 minutes out of your day to read the information below and contact your representative. This Bill will make such a huge difference for thousands of people.

1) On Thursday, March 12th, Rep. Danny Davis of Illinois introduced the Good Time Bill, officially now known as H.R. 1475. If any of the co-sponsors are your representative, please contact them and thank them for their support. The co-sponsors (so far) are:

Rep. Corrine Brown [D-FL]
Rep. Edolphus Towns [D-NY]
Rep. Bobby Rush [D-IL]
Rep. John Lewis [D-GA]
Rep. Maxine Waters [D-CA]
Rep. Al Green [D-TX]
Del. Donna Christensen [D-VI]
Rep. Eddie Johnson [D-TX]
Rep. William Clay [D-MO]
Rep. Elijah Cummings [D-MD]
Rep. Chaka Fattah [D-PA]

2) The bill has been referred to the Judiciary Committee. If it is going to become law, these people need to hear from their constituents. If your Representative is on the Judiciary Committee (in the list below), please ask him/her to help the Good Time Bill move forward. It must be supported by Judiciary members and voted out of committee. These members are:

Hon. Conyers Jr., (D) Michigan, 14th, Chairman
Hon. Berman (D) California, 28th
Hon. Boucher (D) Virginia, 9th
Hon. Nadler (D) New York, 8th
Hon. Scott (D) Virginia, 3rd
Hon. Watt (D) North Carolina, 12th
Hon. Lofgren (D) California, 16th
Hon. Jackson Lee (D) Texas, 18th
Hon. Waters (D) California, 35th
Hon. Delahunt (D) Massachusetts, 10th
Hon. Wexler (D) Florida, 19th
Hon. Cohen (D) Tennessee, 9th
Hon. Johnson (D) Georgia, 4th
Hon. Pierluisi(D) Puerto Rico, Resident Commissioner
Hon. Gutierrez (D) Illinois, 4th
Hon. Sherman (D) California, 27th
Hon. Baldwin (D) Wisconsin, 2nd
Hon. Gonzalez(D) Texas, 20th
Hon. Weiner (D) New York, 9th
Hon. Schiff (D) California, 29th
Hon. Sánchez (D) California, 39th
Hon. Wasserman Schultz (D) Florida, 20th
Hon. Maffei(D) New York, 25th
Hon. Smith, (R) Texas, 21st , Ranking Member
Hon. Sensenbrenner Jr. (R) Wisconsin, 5th
Hon. Coble (R) North Carolina, 6th
Hon. Gallegly (R) California, 24th
Hon. Goodlatte (R) Virginia, 6th
Hon. Lungren (R) California, 3rd
Hon. Issa (R) California, 49th
Hon. Forbes (R) Virginia, 4th
Hon. King (R) Iowa, 5th
Hon. Franks (R) Arizona, 2nd
Hon. Gohmert (R) Texas, 1st
Hon. Jordan (R) Ohio, 4th
Hon. Poe(R) Texas, 2nd
Hon. Chaffetz(R) Utah, 3rd
Hon. Rooney(R) Florida, 16th
Hon. Harper(R) Mississippi, 3rd

Again, if anyone on this list is your representative, please contact him/her and voice your support for H.R. 1475 and express your hope that he/she will too!

What do I say to my representative in the Judiciary Committee when I contact her/him?

“I understand that H.R. 1475, which would restore the former system of good time allowances toward service of Federal prison terms, was introduced on March 12th and is now in the Judiciary. I am fully in support of this bill and I am writing/calling to ask that you vote it out of committee, co-sponsor it, and do what you can to support it becoming policy.”

3) The bill still needs more co-sponsors and support from all representatives. It will need to be supported by the majority of members of the House if it is to pass there and move on to the Senate.

Please contact your Representative and to let them know that you want him/her to support this bill.

Find your representative here:

To find your rep on the site above, you will need to know your full zip, the 4-digit extension at the end of your zip code (11111-1111) and can go here to get it:

What do I say to my representative when I contact her/him?

“H.R. 1475, which would restore the former system of good time allowances toward service of Federal prison terms, was introduced on March 12th. I am writing/calling to voice my support for this bill and ask that you sponsor it and do what you can to make it policy.”

Text of the Good Time Bill will be added to the Government Printing Office website shortly. Look for it here:
Or here:

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