Saturday, March 28, 2009

Feature Articles: Read The New American Dream

The New American Dream

.... well ... because the whole country is a freeking free-speech zone.

See it TODAY - TOMORROW - and all weekend

Feature Interviews:

TODAY: BRIAN KASORO, of Brooklyn, the publisher of The Liberator Magazine. He is THE hope of the country, he and his friends, more-so than Obama and his friends. Really.

TOMORROW: ALEJANDRO ROJAS, of THE Mutual UFO Network. It's time to take an interest, don't you think? Why not? UFOs are interested in you.

Poetry by Ava Bird of Berkeley and David Ray of Tucson.

A Brand New Cartoon from Ben Heine of Brussels.

Mickey Z. asks why Americans are cowards.

Sherwood Ross says "what about closing Leavenworth, Lewisburg, San Quentin," — the hell-hole county jail across the street?

Home-Made Disarmament: Some Swedish folks show us
how it's done.

and ...

Writer Jack Saunders has written over 300 novels since the '70s — here's a taste of the big buffet.

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