Thursday, March 19, 2009

19 Mar 2009: Today's Democracy Now!

"Perp Walks Instead of Bonuses": Veteran Journalist Robert Scheer on AIG Bonuses, the "Backdoor Bailout" and Why Obama Should Fire Geithner, Summers
Appearing on Capitol Hill, AIG CEO Edward Liddy was repeatedly questioned over why the failed insurance giant is paying out over $165 million in bonuses after it received a $170 billion taxpayer bailout. While the Obama administration is expressing outrage, more details have come to light indicating that some officials have known about the bonuses for months. Meanwhile, little attention has been paid to what might be a bigger scandal: AIG’s funneling of tens of billions of dollars in taxpayer bailout money to other banks. We speak to veteran journalist and Truthdig editor Robert Scheer, author of the forthcoming The Great American Stickup: Greedy Bankers and the Politicians Who Love Them. [includes rush transcript]

As Economy Reels, Tariq Ali Calls for "Reimagining Socialism"
The British author Tariq Ali weighs in on the economic crisis with an appeal to reject the taboos on discussing socialism in the United States. Ali says the popular movements in South America provide a model for US activists to follow in pushing for changes such as socialized healthcare. [includes rush transcript]

Tariq Ali on a People's Victory in Pakistan, Obama's Escalation of Afghanistan War, and 6 Years of US Occupation in Iraq
Pakistani British author Tariq Ali, author of the The Duel: Pakistan on the Flight Path of American Power, reacts to the Pakistani government’s reinstatement of dismissed Supreme Court Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry following massive public outcry. Ali also talks about what he calls President Obama’s “inexplicable” expansion of the US occupation of Afghanistan and reflects on the sixth anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq.

Fed to Buy Up $1.2T in Bonds, Securities
Uncertainty Grows on When Admin Knew of AIG Bonuses
AIG Exec: Employees to Give Back Half of Bonuses
Dodd: Bonus Protections Added to Stimulus Bill at Admin’s Request
Fannie Mae to Hand Out Million-Dollar Bonuses
Judge Orders Disclosure of Merrill Lynch Bonuses
Military to Phase Out Forced Extensions by 2011
Czech Government Forced to Drop Vote on US Missile System
Minister: Iraq Considers Increased Stake for Oil Companies
Judge Orders Continued al-Marri Jailing
New Mexico Abolishes Death Penalty
Study: Latinos Largest Ethnic Group in US Prisons
Reparations, Israel Dropped from UN Racism Text

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