Friday, January 16, 2009

Treaty Council submits report to UN Human Rights Council: Climate Change, Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples

The International Indian Treaty Council has submitted information relevant to the Council on Human Rights’ resolution 7/23 adopted on March 28th 2008, entitled “Human Rights and Climate Change”, responding to an invitation by the United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights.

IITC would like to thank the UN Human Rights Council for their very timely and appropriate interest in this critical concern impacting a wide range of human rights within its mandate. We welcome this opportunity to present some perspectives, experiences, views and concerns of Indigenous Peoples for inclusion in the “detailed analytical study of the relationship between climate change and human rights to be submitted to the Council prior to its tenth session” as called for by the HRC resolution.

We also hope that this submission will contribute to the development of a comprehensive and effective human rights framework through which the Council and the UN System as a whole can address this issue, emphasizing the inextricable link between human survival and the protection of the Natural Environment, is a fundamental underpinning of the world view of Indigenous Peoples around the world.


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