Friday, January 30, 2009

This Week from Indian Country Today

Appropriations committee directs $2.8 billion to tribal economic recovery
WASHINGTON – Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., announced Jan. 27 that his and other senators’ calls to include investments toward Indian country economic recovery are reflected in legislation approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee. In a press release, Dorgan said the goals of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act are to create jobs and invest in national infrastructure. To specifically address these concerns in Indian country, the bill includes more than $2.8 billion in improvements for Indian health care, education, roads and bridges, water, public safety and housing...


Judge issues new injunction against cigarette tax law
Letter to the world from rural Alaska
Richard Pound on the s-word
Natives participate in Inauguration festivities
Canadian chiefs deliver warning to Obama’s transition team
NMAI highlights chiefs’ 1905 inauguration visit
Michigan tribe files multimillion fraud claim against Mexican casino magnates


Great Lakes

Lead Editorial

Meeks: In today’s economy, we can’t afford to waste a penny
Jan. 30 is Earned Income Tax Credit Awareness Day. It is more important now than ever before in these times of economic downturn that tax payers are aware of credits they are qualified to receive. EITC refunds can help individuals in Native communities jumpstart their financial goals and even just make ends meet. At Oweesta we work with Native communities to help them build financial assets, and we’ve seen firsthand the impact EITC refunds can have. Because of this, we are partnering with the Internal Revenue Service to promote awareness of the EITC. Read more »

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