Friday, January 9, 2009

This Week from Indian Country Today

Kempthorne’s last days marked by criticism over lavish spending
WASHINGTON – Never extremely popular among American Indians, outgoing Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne has found himself facing public scrutiny over reports that he spent lavishly on a remodel of his private office bathroom. Given what’s sometimes been viewed as the department’s lacking progress on American Indian issues, some Native observers said the situation is especially disturbing. Read more »


Schaghticoke to rally against state neglect
Forward funding tops tribal college priority list
Unkechaug files discrimination suit against Suffolk County
Arizona attorney general rebuts Havasupai settlement, despite clients’ wishes
Bush administration’s uranium mining decision could affect tribes
Presidential election excited and ignited
GOP platform includes Native-specific language and goals


Great Lakes

Lead Editorial

New vision for Indian policy is needed
Now is the time to rethink Indian policy. While most Indian people have come to accept Indian policies, U.S. government policies toward Indian people continue to have mixed results. Perhaps the most effective changes in Indian economic development and welfare have come through initiatives pressed by the Indian people themselves.
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