Tuesday, January 27, 2009

27 Jan 2009: Today's Democracy Now!

Women's Health Advocates Praise Obama for Lifting Global Gag Rule
President Obama has lifted the Global Gag Rule that banned US funding for any international healthcare organizations that perform abortions or advocate for the legalization of abortion. The Mexico City Policy, as it was known, banned funding even if those activities were funded by non-US money. The Global Gag Rule was seen by many as a major global barrier to access to crucial women’s health services.

Worse Than An Earthquake: Peace Activist Kathy Kelly On The Destruction In Gaza
President Obama has dispatched George Mitchell on his first trip as Middle East envoy. Mitchell is set to begin in Egypt today followed by Israel, the occupied West Bank, Jordan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. My next guest has just returned from the Gaza Strip, where she witnessed the Israeli attack. Kathy Kelly is the Executive Director of Voices for Creative Nonviolence.

Ms. Magazine On Barack Obama: "This is What A Feminist Looks Like"
It’s not surprising to see President Obama gracing the cover of a magazine, except perhaps in one case. The latest issue of Ms. Magazine features an illustration of President Obama tearing open his dress shirt and tie to reveal a t-shirt reading “This is what a feminist looks like.” Obama is the first male to appear on the cover in over a decade. Critics have questioned the decision to put Obama on the cover, especially at so early a stage in his presidency.

Pfizer, Caterpillar, Sprint Announce Major Layoffs
Senate Confirms Tim Geithner as Treasury Secretary
Iceland Government Collapses Due to Economic Crisis
Israeli Soldier Killed on Gaza Border
BBC Refuses to Air Appeal for Palestinian Victims in Gaza
Susan Rice Vows to Engage in Direct Diplomacy with Iran
Obama Asks Britain to Send 4,000 More Troops to Afghanistan
House Panel Subpoenas Karl Rove
Obama Orders New Fuel Economy Standards
Clinton Names Special Envoy for Climate Change
Islamist Fighters Seize Somalian Parliament After Ethiopian Troops Pull Out
Blagojevich Impeachment Trial Begins Without Blagojevich
White House Peace Vigiler William Thomas Dies

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