Monday, January 26, 2009

26 Jan 2009: Today's Democracy Now!

David Korten: "Agenda for a New Economy: From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth"
As President Barack Obama reveals more details of his $825 billion economic stimulus plan, we turn to David Korten of YES! Magazine. In his new book, Korten argues that the nation faces a monumental economic challenge that goes far beyond anything being discussed in Congress. He writes that now is an opportune moment to move forward an agenda to replace the failed money-serving institutions of our present economy with the institutions of a new economy dedicated to serving life. [includes rush transcript–partial]

Exclusive: YES! Magazine's Fran Korten On Her Friendship With Barack Obama's Mother
After I finished my interview with David Korten I learned that he and his wife Fran Korten had lived in Indonesia, where Fran worked with Barack Obama’s mother Ann Soetoro at the Ford Foundation.We end today’s show looking at the life of Barack Obama’s mother and broadcast an excerpt of Barack Obama reading from his book “Dreams From My Father.”

Israel Vows to Defend Soldiers Against War Crimes
Obama Lifts Abortion “Global Gag Rule”
Obama to Allow California to Set Auto Emissions Standards
Afghans Protest After Report of US Killing of 16 Civilians
US Drones Kill 20 in Strikes on Pakistan
Iraqi Couple Killed in US House Raid
Bolivians Approve New Constitution
Report: Banks Reduce Lending After Receiving $148 Billion from US Gov’t
600,000 File for Unemployment in a Week; Highest in 26 Years
Congolese Rebel Leader Pleads Not Guilty to War Crimes
Pope Revokes Excommunication of Holocaust-Denying Bishop
BBC & Sky News Refuse to Broadcast Appeal for Victims of Gaza War

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