Wednesday, January 7, 2009

07 Jan 2009: Today's Democracy Now!

40+ Killed in Israeli Strike on Gaza School Sheltering Refugees
In the deadliest attack since Israel launched its assault on Gaza twelve days ago, up to forty-two Palestinians died on Tuesday after Israel fired mortars at a United Nations school that was sheltering Palestinians who had been forced to flee their homes. Fifty-five Palestinians were also wounded in the attack. Doctors said all of the victims were civilians, including many children. We speak with Christopher Gunness of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency. [includes rush transcript]

Obama Nominee Admiral Dennis Blair Aided Perpetrators of 1999 Church Killings in East Timor (Part II)
Part II of our conversation with investigative journalist Allan Nairn, who reveals Admiral Dennis Blair played a critical role in backing the Indonesian occupation of East Timor during the 1990s. At the height of a wave of ruthless attacks on Timorese that killed hundreds and displaced tens of thousands, Blair personally informed top Indonesian general, Wiranto, of unwavering US support. He continued to support the Indonesian military until international outcry forced the Clinton administration to withdraw its military and diplomatic backing.

Obama Warns Trillion Dollar Deficit Could Lead to Extensive Government Budget Cuts
President-elect Barack Obama is warning the U.S. deficit will top one trillion dollars this year, leading to what he says could be extensive cuts to government budgets. Obama made the warning Tuesday as he meanwhile prepares an economic stimulus package that will cost almost the same amount. We speak with Dean Baker of the Center for Economic and Policy Research and Arun Gupta of the Indypendent newspaper.

Israel Bombs UN School, 40 Killed
Palestinian Death Toll at 680; Israel Death Toll at 10
Obama: “Deep Concern” Over Loss of Civilian Lives in Gaza and Israel
Five Blackwater Guards Plead Not Guilty in Nisoor Square Massacre Case
Senate Democrats Block Roland Burris from Taking Seat
Report: Blagojevich Met with SEIU Head Andy Stern in November
India: “Official Agencies in Pakistan” Involved in Mumbai Attacks
US Rejects Request to Let Haitians Temporarily Stay in US
Pengagon: PTSD Victims Not Eligible for Purple Heart
Russia Cuts Off Gas Exports to Much of Europe
Oakland Police Shooting Victim to Be Buried
Obama Offers Surgeon General Job to Sanjay Gupta

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