Tuesday, January 6, 2009

06 Jan 2009: News at Censored News

New at Censored News

  • Listen to Zapatistas' Marcos at Digna Rabia (Spanish) Blog Talk Radio
  • Listen: Native American journalists urge Bush war crimes tribunal on
    American Indian Airwaves on Blog Talk Radio
  • The Worst Companies in the World: US, Monsanto, Peabody Coal and
    Barrick Gold
  • 'Where are the FBI files concerning Myrtle Poor Bear?' attorney for
    Leonard Peltier
  • AIM-West to Join Palestinian March in San Francisco
  • 'Activist' informant at GOP/Katrina relief unmasks himself
  • Sheep Dog Nation Rocks: Hopi speaks out against Navajo relocation
  • Party time on the border: Hasta la vista Chertoff!
  • Kevin Annett: International tribunal for residential schools in
    Canada, 'Who will speak for the children who never came back'
  • Red Town Radio: Listen to Kevin Annett, host Brenda Golden
  • Kevin Annett: Looking Forward
  • Video of Marcos at Digna Rabia Chiapas
  • Digna Rabia in Chiapas
  • 'Lost Sparrow' at Slamdance
  • Obama's silence and Israeli ownership of General Dynamics
  • Shame on the NY Times, Pimping for gold; Western Shoshone lands
  • Native American film premieres at Sundance
  • Cynthia McKinney: Lebanon Rescued Us

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