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05 Jan 2009: Native News from

Kevin Annett: International tribunal for residential school abuse / 'Who will speak for the children who never came back?' (CANADA) -- Churches in Canada have not been held responsible for the rape, murder and disappearance of 50,000 to 100,000 Native American children in Canada’s residential schools, said Kevin Annett, speaking on RedTown Blog Talk Radio today.

Aboriginal Causes: A Lucrative Business for White Advisers (ONTARIO) -- Non-native lawyers and consultants defend aboriginal causes for their own financial gain, argue Frances Widdowson and Albert Howard in their controversial book, Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry: The Deception Behind Indigenous Cultural Preservation.

Canada's tarnished international image (ONTARIO) -- Canada was once viewed as a beacon of enlightenment on the world stage – a leader in the field of human rights and peacekeeping.

Adamson: In 2008 trickledown economics goes global (VIRGINIA) -- Atlas Greenspan shrugged, recognizing a possible flaw in his market ideology. To say finally that hard rains must fall on everyone just won’t do.

Becoming ‘better off’ in a bad economy (NEW YORK) -- In the important 2007 reader, “Shoot the Indian: Media, Misperceptions and Native Truth,” a speech given by venerable Haudenosaunee scholar John C. Mohawk caps a remarkable collection of discussions on the intersection of Native America, government and media.

Heritage proves to be tourist draw (NEBRASKA) -- Mark Nemec loves his Czech heritage. He embraces it. He lives it every day. He shares it with others. The 44-year-old Prague resident uses his restaurant, Kolac Korner, to share his Czech heritage and culture with others.

Washington Tribe Seeks Higher Land (WASHINGTON) -- Flooding used to be a problem every five or 10 years for the tiny Hoh Indian Reservation. These days it's an annual event. Sandbags permanently surround the tribal center and many homes because the nearby Hoh River has meandered dangerously closer over time.

Grants helping Cowlitz tribe restore salmon habitat (WASHINGTON) -- The Cowlitz Indian Tribe has received more than $580,000 in state grants to help restore salmon habitat on the Cowlitz and Toutle rivers.

JODI RAVE: Indian lawmakers - Browning legislator has sights on economic independence (MONTANA) -- Rep. Shannon Augare, D- Browning, enters the 2009 Legislature as one of the state's top House leaders, a representative who would like to help low- and moderate-income people achieve economic independence.

JODI RAVE: Indian lawmakers: Juneau brings experience to Legislature (MONTANA) -- Juneau is already set for a hearing Wednesday that would extend the tribal-state water compact commission. She is also prepared to convince lawmakers of the need to increase the state's education budget, expand the definition of hate crimes and regulate the sale of energy drinks

JODI RAVE: Schweitzer meets with tribal leaders in Helena (MONTANA) -- As part of a rare gathering of all Montana tribes, Gov. Brian Schweitzer on Sunday welcomed Native people to the state Capitol during a tribal leaders' summit reception, a prelude to the opening day of the Legislature.

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