Monday, December 1, 2008

Western Shoshone Defense Project

From the Western Shoshone Defense Project
Censored News

Several Shoshone men will begin today building a permanent arbor on the Southern flank of Mt. Tenabo. (It is the same location where the WSDP Spring Gathering has been held previously.) They will be camping there and monitoring the area and they need your help. Please deliver the following donations to them, or contact Joyce McDade for additional information, e-mail:

Items needed:

1. 24 Nuts and Bolts (bolts need to be 1 foot in length with matching nuts)
2. Gasoline for saws and hauling costs.
3. Food items such as eggs, bacon, meat, potatoes, beans, etc. (including some sweets!)
4. Helpers -- to assist with construction of arbor and for support in the encampment
5. Monetary donations for all of the above
6 Moral support and prayersThank you!

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