Sunday, December 14, 2008

This Week from Indian Country Today

Wizipan Garriott named Obama’s First Americans Public Liaison

WASHINGTON – Wizipan Garriott, 28, has been appointed First Americans Public Liaison, a newly created position in President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team. The position is aimed at honoring a nation-to-nation relationship with tribes. Amy Brundage, a spokeswoman for the team, confirmed Garriott’s role Dec. 10. Read more »


Judge rules Cayuga cannot sell untaxed cigarettes
Eight more tribal housing agencies suing HUD
Students attend Human Rights forum
Commission in shuttle diplomacy to heal tribal-state rift
Havasupai blood case lives on
Politically-connected lawyer charged in hit-and-run death of Pueblo man
Panel suggests new federal agency to solve fair housing issues


Federal officials listen but reject tribal members’ concerns about aquifer use
DENVER – Representatives from Hopi and Navajo communities voiced their opposition Dec. 8 about a northern Arizona coal development, but Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement officials overrode their objections and said the Black Mesa Project will be allowed to go forward.
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Great Lakes

Lead Editorial

New era calls for new policy direction

The recent presidential election offers an opportunity to reconsider Indian policy. No president has made a major statement about Indian policy since 1968 and 1970. What should an Indian or indigenous policy look like in the 21st century? National policy should be a two-way street that does not just serve Indians or the goals of national policy, but rather should result in mutually beneficial strategies for the future. Policy should result in greater understanding and respect between Indians and non-Indians. Read more »

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