Monday, December 15, 2008

Tell Obama to Back Net Neutrality

This morning, a Wall Street Journal article stirred up false rumors that Internet giant Google and President-elect Obama himself are backing off their support of Net Neutrality.

Fortunately, neither is true, and the article was widely discredited soon after the paper hit the streets. But in the perverse world of Washington politics, some believe that if Google abandons Net Neutrality, we will never see it passed into law.

Net Neutrality is about more than Google. Now is the time to show Obama and our elected officials that millions of people support Net Neutrality ... and that we are willing to fight for it.

Tell Obama: We Need Net Neutrality Now

Obama has promised to "take a backseat to no one" in his commitment to Net Neutrality. Within a few days, the president-elect will name a new Federal Communications Commission chair, along with other key media policy officials, who will have a huge impact on the future of the Internet.

It's not up to AT&T and Comcast -- or Google -- whether we have Net Neutrality. It's up to us, the public, and we're not giving up the fight for a free and open Internet. Now is the right time to remind our leaders that Net Neutrality is a top priority.

Join our call to action, and we'll make sure your voice is heard by key decision-makers in Washington.

Join our Call to Action and Support Net Neutrality

Contrary to the claims of the Wall Street Journal that Net Neutrality forces are receding, we are actually closer now than ever before to victory. We have arrived at the moment when Net Neutrality has its greatest appeal, clearest need, and best chance of becoming law.

Show your commitment to Net Neutrality: Add your name, tell your friends, and drive Net Neutrality across the finish line.


Josh Silver
Executive Director
Free Press

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