Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Obama reaffirms commitment to Net Neutrality

Mr. Obama's Internet Agenda
President-elect Barack Obama will need to work with Congress -- and fight against corporate lobbyists -- to accomplish some of his goals. With the right appointments to the FCC, he should be able to get good Net Neutrality regulations, which would favor competition and innovation and ensure that ISPs don't block content.
New York Times

Obama Spokesperson: His Commitment to Net Neutrality Hasn't Wavered One Bit
The Obama transition team is reaffirming the president-elect’s complete commitment to Net Neutrality and is disputing a much-discussed report claiming that he is softening his support or shifting his position.
Greg Sargent, Talking Points Memo

Wall Street Journal Story Fires Up Obama, Net Neutrality Advocates
Did the Wall Street Journal simply get the facts wrong? Or is it attempting to gin up a pro-business argument that has lost steam, especially since the pro-Net-Neutrality President-elect will soon be making an appointment for a new FCC chair who will be regulating the Net.
Wendy Norris, Colorado Independent

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