Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Maddog Bush Inc. seizing Indian lands in final hours

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News and Blog Talk Radio
December 8, 2008

SAN FRANCISCO -- From Black Mesa to the Western Shoshone's Mount Tenabo, the Bush extended corporation of thieves is seizing Indigenous lands in the final hours.

Barrick Gold is right now bulldozing the Western Shoshone's sacred Mount Tenabo, tearing the trees out by the roots as Barrick prepares to dig out the heart of the sacred mountain for an open pit gold mine with cyanide leaching. Barrick is targeting Indigenous lands around the world.

In Denver today, Navajos and Hopis in solidarity are protesting the latest threat to Black Mesa. A soon-to-be released environmental impact statement could reopen the Black Mesa Mine and more lands for coal strip mining. It could result in the relocation of more families from Black Mesa and give Peabody Coal Company a life-of-mine permit to mine Black Mesa. Peabody Coal could also be given the green light to suck dry the precious water of the Navajo Aquifer.

In the Arctic, the fight continues to protect the pristine region from oil drilling and the pollution of power plants. Black carbons from power plants, including those on Indian lands, and tailgate emissions are destroying the habitat for polar bear, walrus and seals in the melting Arctic.

The proposed Desert Rock power plant on the Navajo Nation is being pushed by elected Navajo officials who receive their salaries and travel funds primarily from energy profits.

Desert Rock is being fought by grassroots Navajos at Dooda Desert Rock who do not want a third power plant in this area on Navajo land, in northwestern New Mexico. Desert Rock's corporate schemer is Sithe Global, whose parent company was created by Stephen Schwarzman at Blackstone, a member of the Bush corporate band of Skull and Bones.

With the racist hype of television news and hate crimes rising, Indigenous borderlands are being seized by the U.S. Homeland Security. The ancestors graves have been dug up on the Tohono O'odham Nation by Boeing during construction of the border wall. Lipan Apache in Texas are fighting the seizure of their land by Homeland Security.

The seizure of borderlands will result in a profitable corridor of land for the US, while the militarization of the border results in deaths, harassments and rape. US soldiers and US border agents are smuggling drugs and carrying out murders, assaults and rapes.

Across America, Native American sacred places, from San Francisco Peaks to Bear Butte, are being pillaged and desecrated. Indian lands, including the Lakota and Navajo lands, already strewn with unreclaimed radioactive tailings from the Cold War, poisoned water and massive cancers and deaths from uranium mining, are targeted in the United States and Canada for more uranium mining and nuclear waste dumping.

At the northern border, Mohawk grandmothers have been beaten by Canadian border guards, resulting in the heart attack of Mohawk Nation News Publisher Kahentinetha Horn. MNN Editor Katenies was also beaten and jailed.

Just as the American Indian Movement said after the murder of Raymond Yellow Thunder in Gordon, Neb., the battlecry is now 'Never again!'

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