Monday, December 15, 2008

From the Desk of Harvey Arden


Leonard Peltier's stage play MY LIFE IS MY SUN DANCE is a soul-transforming theatrical experience that is a living expression of his own words, his own pain, his own dreams--as well as the suffering and dreams of his People.

We are seeking patrons, donors, sponsors, theater owners & plain old long-suffering Peltier supporters (Bless'm)--to assist Keith and me in bringing this amazing production on tour to cities and rez communities around the nation this spring & onwards.

Leonard is now 64; has been in prison since he was 31. I personally ask EACH of you to step forward NOW-and assist us with ideas, theater info, purchases of CDs, Books or any of our Peltier support Items, and--yes, please --a modest donation to In Peace Productions at Keith Rabin has already gone deeply into debt just to create it so we have a legit professional production company touring the country in 2009.

Pease watch for our up coming tour information in Utah, Nevada, Calif. and Santa Fe.

We have dates open if your intrested in perhaps meeting Harvey or seeing his Powerful spoken word performances. Please contact Keith at

This play can help free Leonard as the film Hurricane helped free Hurricane Carter.

[ We also will be announcing the release of the new cd " Noble Red Man " of the Lakota wisdomkeeper Matherw King, and the announcement of the second production from In Peace Productions of the play, " Noble Red Man ". ]

As co-playwriter with Leonard, I have given outright my entire co-playwrite's share, plus quite a few personal thousands, to In Peace Productions to make MY LIFE IS MY SUN DANCE a reality.

Please reach into your heart and your soul and your pocketbook to help us stage this play and bring Leonard's continuing CRUCIFIXION--33 years on the Cross of American Injustice--to center-stage of AMERICA'S CONSCIENCE. I know most of us still have a conscience. Let's use it to FREE LEONARD PELTIER!!

Again, please go to and inspire yourself and others to help us!

Please give. Every dollar makes the difference of the success of Leonard's dream.

Leonard DOES enthusiastically support Keith Rabin and In Peace Productions.

Any suggestions or comments about the play should go to

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