Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Change in works at Lewisburg Penitentiary

Change in works at Lewisburg Penitentiary
Starting next year, it will house only problem inmates
By Jaime North
The Daily Item

LEWISBURG -- By January, the Lewisburg Penitentiary will start transforming into a super maximum-security institution that only houses inmates who have been problematic at other federal prisons.

Scott Finley, executive assistant at Lewisburg, said the plan is to expand the facility's special management unit, which currently houses 6 percent of the penitentiary's 1,500 inmates. The special unit eventually will encompass the entire institution, he said.

Lewisburg will be the only federal penitentiary in the country to be dedicated solely as a special management facility, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

"The inmate population will eventually consist mostly of inmates who have proven to be difficult to manage in other institutions," Finley said. "Therefore, they have special management concerns, which require a more restrictive environment. Inmates will participate in programs and benefit from many opportunities for self-improvement."

Inmates who complete the special management program will be eligible to transfer to less restrictive institutions, according to Finley.

"Other institutions currently operate special management units; however, Lewisburg will expand its special management unit to encompass the entire institution," he said. "Staffing changes have not been determined, and changes to the physical structure are under review at this time."

Finley said Lewisburg probably was chosen from among the 114 federal institutions because of its longevity of 76 years and seniority of staff. The institution wasn't given a specific reason, he said.

Current inmates will be transferred to other penitentiaries if they're not appropriate for placement in the special management program.

The expansion won't change the penitentiary's security level. It will remain a maximum-security institution.

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NOTE: This information was known by prison activists and reported by both FEDCURE and Friends of Peltier in September 2008 (prior to the November general election). To the best of our knowledge, the new mission of USP Lewisburg has naught to do with the prisoners at Guantanamo.

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Write to the Federal Bureau of Prisons on behalf of Leonard Peltier regarding his transfer!!!!!

As the LP-DOC reported in previous e-mails, Leonard is once again being uprooted and relocated to another prison. Please write to the Bureau of Prisons demanding that the BOP transfer him to a facility closer to his home reservation. Turtle Mountain is requesting that Leonard be transferred to the reservation's custody, and in the meantime there are federal facilities in Sandstone, Minnesota, and Oxford, Wisconsin, which could accommodate him.

Please send the following correspondence or similar as soon as possible to:

Federal Bureau of Prisons
Designation and Sentence Computation Center (DSCC)
Grand Prairie Office Complex
U.S. Armed Forces Reserve Complex
346 Marine Forces Drive
Grand Prairie, TX 75051

Re: Leonard Peltier #89637-132

Dear DSCC:

I am contacting you seeking consideration for Mr. Leonard Peltier who will be transferred from USP Lewisburg, Pennsylvania in the near future.

Mr. Peltier has been a model prisoner and deserves to be transferred to a lower security prison. Also, Mr. Peltier should be transferred to a facility close to his home based on the hardship policy of the Bureau of Prisons, because his family has grown older, is on a fixed income which limits the time they can visit him.

Mr. Peltier has served over 32 years in prison and deserves to be close to his family during this crucial time in their lives. For these reasons I ask that you transfer Mr. Peltier to the Turtle Mountain Reservation's custody as soon as possible. The alternatives that would help satisfy this request are either the federal facility in Sandstone, Minnesota, or Oxford, Wisconsin as both are near in proximity to his family.

In the name of all things good and humane, I ask you to do the right thing for compassion's sake in the transfer of Leonard Peltier today. Thank you.

[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[Your City, Your State, Your Zip Code and/or Country]

Mail UPS or Or Fax to: 972-352-4395

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