Tuesday, December 30, 2008

30 Dec 2008: Native News from PECHANGA.net

Cigarettes Bring Profits to Tribes (NEW YORK) -- New numbers show cigarette sales are bringing in a big profit for native American tribes in New York. The State's Department of taxation and finance released a monthly sales report showing Indian retailers are making millions annually, selling tax-free cigarettes.

Inconvenient: Cigarette taxes make it difficult for convenience stores in New York (NEW YORK) -- New York state increased its cigarette tax this summer in an effort to save lives. But convenience stores across the state are resting in pieces as a result.

Salazar out to tame interior (WASHINGTON, DC) -- One Interior Department scandal featured sex, drugs and influence peddling. Another involved politics trumping science in endangered-species rulings.

Crow Creek tribal official, contractor indicted (SOUTH DAKOTA) -- A Crow Creek tribal treasurer and a private contractor each were indicted on two counts of theft and bribery for programs receiving federal funds.

Derek Bailey: A sense of privilege (MICHIGAN) -- Derek Bailey wakes up with a sense of privilege, a feeling he's had each morning since taking office as chairman of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians.

BRENDA NORRELL: Honoring Floyd Westerman and the Miwok Youths (ARIZONA) -- Censored Blog Talk Radio offers a tribute to Floyd Red Crow Westerman, sharing his songs and words. Westerman speaks on the Spirit World and what is happening to Mother Earth.

JODI RAVE: Couple remind drivers, pedestrians of Wounded Knee (MONTANA) -- Rowan McQuarrie took a day off work Monday to hold a sign on a busy Missoula street, reminding passers-by of the Dec. 29, 1890, Wounded Knee Massacre, commonly known as the last of the Indian Wars.

Ruling clears way for Oneidas to buy Thornberry Creek Golf Course (WISCONSIN) -- A federal judge has rejected Hobart’s appeal of the Oneida Tribe of Indians’ plan to purchase the Thornberry Creek Golf Course, allowing the transfer of property to occur.

Navajo Mountain desperate for water (ARIZONA) -- The Office of the Speaker has been helping to coordinate efforts with various governmental entities to get the water supply returned to the Navajo Mountain community and to keep community roads operational.

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