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29 Dec 2008: Native News from

Indian merchants reap huge profits on untaxed tobacco sales (NEW YORK) -- Scott Maybee is not a top-ranked pro quarterback, an ace hurler nor a Wall Street tycoon, but he made as much as $34 million in 2006. He was selling tax-free cigarettes on the Seneca Indian reservations and over the Internet.

ICT Editorial: Re-establishing Indian policy (NEW YORK) -- We are at a threshold point in American history. Among the many issues that will be discussed and reconsidered is a new and contemporary vision of American Indian policy, which should be openly discussed and renewed at Congressional and Presidential levels.

Russell: Domestic, dependent change agents? (INDIANA) -- When I was a student in the 70s, we used to insult a speech we didn’t like by calling it “a bunch of rhetoric.” That is a criticism without substance. Every speech has the same amount of rhetoric; the issue is one of quality.

Salazar out to tame interior (WASHINGTON, DC) -- One Interior Department scandal featured sex, drugs and influence peddling. Another involved politics trumping science in endangered-species rulings.

Newcomb: How not to fix U.S. Indian policy (CALIFORNIA) -- In his guest column, “How to fix U.S. tribal policy,” Francis G. Hutchins presents his own particular take on the history of U.S.-Indian policy since the beginning of the United States.

Denouncing racism and violence / Wayne Mitchell and Maine legislature support joint resolution (MAINE) -- The Maine legislature ended its session last spring with an endorsement of the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and began session this fall with a resolution denouncing racism and violence.

New Ute tribal chairman sworn in (COLORADO) -- Matthew Box has been sworn in as the new Southern Ute tribal chairman after winning a runoff election. Box defeated Howard Richards with 66% of the vote Friday after neither candidate gained a majority of the vote in November.

Tribal council nixes emergency meeting (MASSACHUSETTS) -- An emergency meeting of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Council did not take place yesterday because the tribe's governing board lacked a quorum.

Governor Tim Kaine, friend to Virginia Native people (VIRGINIA) -- An avid supporter of Virginia’s tribal people and the Commonwealth of Virginia Governor, Tim Kaine, reached national notoriety in mid-2008 as his name was mentioned as a possible vice Presidential candidate for President-elect Barack Obama.

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